City is Trying to End Brownouts

The Philadelphia’s Mayors office announced they are going to try and end the brownout of fire stations.  The cost cutting effort started in 2010 to help save on firefighter overtime.  Currently at least two companies are closed during a shift and the firefighters are reassigned to another company for their shift., Michael Dunn

“We realize it’s been an unpopular policy,” (public safety director Mike Resnick) told KYW Newsradio following his City Council testimony. “We don’t believe it has imperiled the city in any way, or the citizenry in jeopardizing public safety. We had done it this way to achieve overtime savings, and if we can end it, we would like to end it. We just need to do it financially and fiscally responsibly.”
Resnick said the other areas that could bring savings — and thus allow brownouts to end — are the new full-time hiring of nearly 200 firefighters, as well as the creation of a new job class of paramedics.

He said any firm decision on a reduction or elimination of brownouts would likely not come until the fall. Lloyd Ayers, the Philadelphia fire commissioner, says implementation would more likely come next year.

Fire Union President Joe Schulle is pleased with the announcement.

I assume this will be the end of the the Facebook page Stop PFD brown outs.


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