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Toledo House Rekindle Caught on Camera

A Toledo, Ohio news crews were reporting on an alleged arson fire when the house rekindled on Live TV.


An overnight house fire at 134 Hausman re-ignited hours after it first started, during 13abc’s morning broadcast.

It prompted reporter Tony Geftos to drop his microphone and start banging on doors to warn neighbors.

The rekindled fire followed an overnight investigation where the man who lives in the home claims he was attacked by an intruder.


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  • Jim Williams

    Bruce Almighty “Mr Exclusive”? lol

  • PARAMEDIC70002

    Shocking- since when is an interior attack a “new approach” to firefighting? I was taught 30 years ago to not blow the fire through the house by attacking through the window, sadly a lesson that many FDs still need to learn.

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